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TAYSKA » Girls » Guide to purchasing kid’s shoes

Guide to purchasing kid’s shoes

Published on 5 January 2021 at 16:55

How to buy kids shoes


One of the most exciting developmental milestones your baby will reach will be taking his/her first steps. Babies normally begin to walk between 10 and 12 months, but this can vary. There are children who walk early at 9 months, while others do so until they are 18 months old. However, it is important to remember that all children are different and that it is okay if your son/daughter takes longer to start taking her first steps. Do not forget that during the first year of his/her life, your little one will develop the movement and muscular coordination necessary to learn to sit, crawl and, finally, walk.

Now that your baby has started to walk, you may want to consider purchasing their first pair of baby shoes. It is challenging to pick the right one with so many styles of baby/toddler shoes on the market, which ones are the best choice for a new walker? At Tayska we carry premium and limited edition quality pre-walkers, walkers and youth shoes for growing kids feet.


But, as parent, what do you need to take in account? Experts advise you:


First, we must understand that children's feet are a constantly growing part of their body, so it is very important as a parent to know how to choose the most suitable shoes for each stage. In this way, the footwear will accompany the natural development of the foot as it grows. With adequate children's footwear we will avoid incorrect postures and footsteps problems in the future. The experts recommend, for children to start walking naturally, ergonomic footwear that protects them but does not limit their movements because their correct psychomotor development is key. A lightweight, flexible and extremely stable shoe that gives them the feeling of going barefoot.

With somewhat reinforced, wide toe box and flexible sole, to allow freedom of movement if your kid walks independently. It is also important to check the shoe size and verify that the shoe does not squeeze your kid’s feet, if this happens, the child will shrink his/her toes when wearing the shoes and if they are too tight, there could be a risk of feet deformation.

In regards to materials, the experts agree that the kids shoes must be of natural or soft synthetic materials, made with excellent quality in the upper part and sole that isolate the foot from the cold and provide them with security, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility without losing grip. 100% breathable and non-toxic materials.


Key Points to buy kids shoes:


  • They must be comfortable, flexible and light. In order do not to fatigue the muscles of the foot, made of natural or synthetic materials that promote perspiration.
  • It is important that they are the right size, so that they are comfortable and with a structure that provides stability.
  • For school shoes, experts recommend that they definitely must be made with wear-resistant materials, combined with natural or high quality synthetic materials and grippy soles. To all this must be added that the feet must always be dry and protected against bacteria.
  • It is not advisable to wear the same shoes all day, which will make your kid’s feet sweat. The ideal is to switch from time to time two pairs of shoes to allow the removal of sweat from the inside of the shoe and prevent the formation of fungus and smelly feet.
  • Also, do not use second-hand shoes, since each child prints his own way of walking on the shoe. Investing in your shoes will always be investing in your health.



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