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TAYSKA » Our story

About us

Founded by Erika Barajas in October 2020 and based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. TAYSKA, was born accompanied by love and the desire to do great things for my home land Colombia and to introduce these beautiful handmade kids shoes into the country that has welcomed me: The Netherlands. Now, my home. Those who knows about footwear in the Region say that one of the best footwear is manufactured in Bucaramanga, not only in Colombia but also in Latin America. That's the reason why our local shoemakers work hard to keep the recognition, the respect and prestige for manufacturing high quality footwear; bringing a seal of comfort, with wonderful designs, modern styles and magical colors that allows a totally different experience. 


Proud of our talented Colombian shoemakers

We can see many designs, from classic to extravagant, and we may like it or not, but beyond the styles, to achieve a well-made, really high-quality HANDMADE SHOE, we need two things: One of them is to use very good quality supplies and materials, and the other is that each stage of its process requires a highly trained professional who knows and handles very well each of the techniques involved in the process of making our handmade shoes. Behind every pair of handmade shoes, there's a lot of work, a lot of care, a lot of passion  and a lot of patience. That is why our hearts  are focused on the HANDMADE SHOES and on each of the artisan hands that make a pair of shoes in our country!


"The value of the handwork is our MOST ADDED VALUE"



Our emphasis is based on the search for a balance between respect for the environment, economic growth and social well-being, both in Colombia and in The Netherlands. Within the context of our activities, we make efforts to implement sustainable models throughout the production process until the final delivery of our products to our customers, solutions that can be nourished, projected in the long term, and are respected as assumed values of our global vision. Around 30,000 people depend on the footwear sector in the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga, due to political and social issues and due to COVID-19 in 2020, many micro-businesses (Including Footwear factories) have gone bankrupt and others are trying their best to stay afloat, which is why I have decided to do my bit to the industry where I grew up in, by selling some of their handmade manufactured footwear in The Netherlands.  

"When you support us, you support more than 30 families in the province of Santander, Colombia;

and for that, we thank you in advance."